Antonio Fusco, victim of shooting outside Hall of Fame, released on $500 bail on drug charges, pleads not guilty

SPRINGFIELD - Longmeadow resident Antonio Fusco, 21, pleaded not guilty to distribution of marijuana in Springfield District Court on June 7, after being shot in the parking lot of the Hall of Fame on May 17, according to police.
 By Stephanie Barry |
Antonio Fusco, 21, of Longmeadow, son of mob soldier Emilio Fusco, was charged with possession with intent to distrbute marijuana by Springfield Police. The arrest occurred three weeks after Antonio Fusco was shot in the shoulder by a man he intended to sell drugs, a witness told police.
SPRINGFIELD - Antonio Fusco, a 21-year-old Longmeadow resident police say was shot in the Hall of Fame parking lot on May 17 in the midst of a drug deal, was released on $500 bail in Springfield District Court on Wednesday afternoon.
Fusco, the son of Genovese crime family soldier Emilio Fusco, pleaded not guilty to distribution of marijuana. He was arrested at his home Tuesday morning and appeared in court shackled and with his arm in a sling.
A witness told police Antonio Fusco was shot in the shoulder after he began arguing with a prospective buyer in Fusco's car. The "buyer" stuck a gun to a female witness' head and Fusco whacked him with an expandable baton, police records state.
A police department spokesman said the witness account sounded like a hold-up, as opposed to an actual transaction. Police recovered nearly three pounds of marijuana from a backpack in Fusco's car, according to court records.

A pretrial conference was set for July 28.