FBI finds human remains in dig for Boston mob victim

Authorities have not confirmed if the body is that of the mob victim.
The FBI confirmed that human remains have been recovered during a dig to find the body of a Boston mob victim missing since 1993, the Boston Herald reported.
Whether or not the body is that of the mob victim has yet to be confirmed.  “The remains, which were found yesterday buried in the rear of the property on Branch Avenue, were turned over to the Rhode Island State Medical Examiner’s office for DNA testing,” the Boston Herald reported.
Investigators began digging behind an old Providence mill on Wednesday in a search for the remains of Steven DiSarro, 43, of Westwood, Massachusetts, who has been missing since 1993, CBS3explained.
 “No one has ever been charged with DiSarro’s murder, but former New England mob boss Francis ‘Cadillac Frank’ Salemme was indicted in 2004 for making false statements related to what he knew about DiSarro’s death,” CBS3 reported.