FBI Files Tried to Connect Duddie Massad to Organized Crime and Raymond Patriarca

The FBI Files of Raymond Patriarca released to GoLocal through a Freedom of Information Act request, unveils the FBI’s efforts to tie David G. (Duddie) Massad to organized crime and Patriarca through tracking of phone calls, meetings, potential investments and other business arrangements.
Today, Massad (who is best known as “Duddie”) is one of the biggest shadows both politically, financially and philanthropically in the City of Worcester. GoLocalWorcester ranked him the second Wealthiest and Most Influential in Central Massachusetts this year.
In one FBI memo, dated April 24, 1961, an individual tied to Associated Credit Bureau located at 11 Truro Street in Worcester advised Special Agent George Hanlon, “that he heard rumors that Raymond Patriarca had money invested in Duddie’s Used Car business at 616 Park Avenue, Worcester, but he had no information to substantiate the rumor,’’ reads the report.’’
As GoLocal reported about Massad, “A Grafton Hill product, Massad owned several car dealerships including Diamond Auto Group, Emerald Chevrolet Oldsmobile, Duddie Motors and the largest Hertz franchise in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Massad serves as the Chairman of Commerce Bank in Worcester - a company he purchased from the Krock family - that has over $1.7 billion in assets and 250 employees according to the bank.
In 2005, he donated $12.5 million for a new medical facility at UMass Memorial Medical Center's Lake Avenue campus.
He was indicted for fraud in 2008 - but was ultimately proven innocent.”

But, this interview and other information lead the FBI to pour resources into the relationship between Duddie’s Used Car and the head of the New England Crime Family - Patriarca.
According to Massachusetts State records of the Department of Corporations, shows that Duddie’s was incorporated in 1958 and the incorporators were:
David G. Massad        74 Summerhill Avenue, Worcester, MA
Noah Melinikoff        79 Alvarado Avenue, Worcester, MA
John J. George        2 Falcon Street, Worcester, MA
The reports also tracked the public information for the relationship between Patriarca and the Duddie auto businesses.
In another FBI report, dated May 19, 1961, covering investigations in the case from May 1, 1961 to May 16, 1961, Duddie Cadillac City was mentioned for the first time in the FBI files - not just Duddie’s Used Car.
The FBI report listed Duddie’s Cadillac City, 616 Park Avenue and they began tracking the phone calls between Duddie’s and Patriarca.
Over the coming weeks and the release of the FBI Files - The Patriarca Papers, the efforts by the FBI to connect Massad's businesses to Patriarca's Crime Family increases.