Yakuza members accused in safe-cracking cases

By Tokyo Reporter

The suspects are believed to have been involved in 153 incidents with losses totaling 47.3 million yen
FUKUOKA (TR) – Fukuoka Prefectural Police last week announced the arrest of two organized crime members in a string of safe-cracking incidents that took place in Oita and Fukuoka prefectures, reports theYomiuri Shimbun (July 21).
Yoshihiko Tanaka, 43, and Shinichiro Misumi, 36, both members of the Dojin-kai, and four other suspects are under prosecution in Fukuoka for 10 cases of theft in which the damage totaled 19.6 million yen.
All six suspects have reportedly admitted to the allegations.
On March 3 of last year, the suspects are alleged to have broken into safes of a construction company in Fukuoka’s Higashi Ward and taken 5.3 million yen. The group is also accused of stealing 1.8 million yen from the office of a used-car dealer in Nishi Ward.
Since October of 2012, the ring is believed to have been behind a total 153 incidents with losses totaling 47.3 million yen.

  Dojin-kai, Fukuoka