Report: Alleged mobster pens jailhouse letter claiming his rants are therapeutic

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — An alleged Staten Island mobster penned a jailhouse letter to a judge claiming his violent rants are therapeutic, according to a report in the New York Post.
Great Kills resident Anthony (Skinny) Santoro, who is locked up on enterprise-corruption, loansharking and gambling charges, says in the note that the prosecution is making him out to be violent and he's not guilty of enterprise-corruption but would gladly plea to a lesser charge, the article states.
"Your Honor the fact is I do talk a bit crazy, even stupidly at times, it's how I ventilate [sic] my feelings in private, it's a therapeutic technique I've learned that it keeps me from acting out in a negative way, as we all know, they're only feelings and they go away, just check Psychology 101..Since when is talking about your feelings a crime?" the 52-year-old wrote in the letter obtained by the Post.
Santoro was part of the nine-man Bonanno-family crew that allegedly ran an off-shore gambling operation, engaged in loansharking and sold drugs.
The prosecution, according to the report, offered Santoro a plea deal of 9-18 years in prison