Judge orders equipment seized in crime raid to be returned to Carmine Agnello’s business


CLEVELAND – The equipment seized in a crime raid at Carmine Agnello’s business must be returned, a judge determined Wednesday.
Agnello was arrested on July 15 following an 18-month investigation by the Cleveland Division of Police. He’s accused of theft, money laundering, conspiracy and corrupting sports, while defrauding a victim out of $3 million. He’s since been released on bond.
Agnello, the former son-in-law of John Gotti and member of the Gambino crime family, had his businesses, Eagle Auto Parts and Charity Towing, raided and the equipment was seized.
The judge said Wednesday that the court could take photos of the crusher, 3 forklifts and front-end loader as evidence and the equipment could be given back until the court finds otherwise.
The photos were ordered to be taken by the end of the day Wednesday and then arrangements would be made to return the equipment.
Agnello, his wife and an employee are also requesting nearly $30,000 that was taken from Eagle Auto Parts and the Agnellos’ home.

Cleveland police said they discovered Agnello was weighing down cars with dirt and sand when they were weighed as his scrap yard.