Michael Jackson record producer arrested for Mafia gambling links

By Donal MacIntyre

Michael Jackson record producer John Igro, 66, indicted on mafia gambling charges
A record producer who helped launch the careers of Michael Jackson, Elton John, Billy Joel and the Marvin Gaye among many others has been arrested on charges of running a gambling operation in conjunction with a mafia major crime family.
Joe Isgro, 66, based in California has pleaded not guilty to charges that he helped run a gambling operation with mob ties, the New Daily News reported.
The famous record producer was released on a quarter of a million dollar bond from a New York court.
The prosecutor claims that the star record producer - who also produced a film in 1992 with Jack Nicholson on the mob figure Jimmy Hoffa - has been involved in online gambling with the mob and six others for nearly nine years.
Online gambling is illegal in the US. It alleged that online software was linked to the producer and the Gambino crime family according to the NY prosecutor, the Daily News reported.
The record producer denies the charges.
The Gambino crime family is one of the mafia’s five families in New York that control the crime scene and have been cited as key Cosa Nostra players since the 1960’s.

They have been involved in gambling for generations and are noted for racketeering, loan sharking, extortion, prostitution and fraud.