Son of imprisoned Mafia boss to join family in prison after pleading guilty to role in weed trafficking

Vincent Basciano Jr., 32, copped a plea resulting in a 46 to 57 month prison sentence. His brothers Stephen and Joseph made similar deals, while their father Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) is already serving a life sentence for murder.


The son of an imprisoned Mafia boss will be joining his father and brothers in the big house.
Vincent Basciano Jr., 32, pleaded guilty Wednesday to taking part in a massive marijuana trafficking enterprise.
His father, the ruthless but well-coiffed Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano, a former Bonanno crime family head, is serving a life sentence on murder convictions at a supermax prison in Colorado.
Vincent Jr.’s plea deal with the feds calls for 46 to 57 months in prison.
He was busted last year along with his brothers Stephen Basciano, 29, and Joseph Basciano, 27, who admitted guilt separately in February under similar plea agreements.
The trio ran a Bronx drug route in a ring that shipped weed from California to New York.
Vincent Jr. is scheduled to be sentenced July 18 and is free on bail until then.