Japanese mafia turns to internet to Recruit new Members

TOKYO, JAPAN – Always wanted to be a triggerman? Now is your chance.
In Japan, Yakuza’s making the dream easier than ever. According to police, mafia memberships hit an all-time low last year getting whacked below $60,000.
So, now the Yamaguchi-Gumi sector’s looking for new blood. They launched a website boasting a lighter side of the business. The website title translates to drug expulsion and land purification alliance?
Shouldn’t that say loan shark and protection rackets available?
The site includes shrine visits, several charity events and best of all, a new family theme song. Besides the outdated look and attempt to make Yakuza look more neighborly and inviting; they’re not really masking their identity and there’s no reason to. Yakuza mafia’s not exactly illegal in Japan.
Shooting for a career change? A new direction in life? Or a chance to win humanitarian awards… just join Yakuza…once you’re family…you’re family for life