New York mob boss's paralegal sends him scantily-clad pictures in prison... while she works on his appeal

New York mob boss's paralegal sends him scantily-clad pictures in prison... while she works on his appeal

A paralegal working on the defense of Vincent 'Vinny Gorgeous' Basciano has been sending the former New York mob boss scantily-clad photos of herself, along with her letters to him in prison.

Belinda Rossetti, 47, mailed a picture of herself wearing a g-string thong to the onetime head of the Bonanno crime family because she 'owes him.'

Ms Rossetti, however, doesn't seem to be shy and posted several other risque photos of herself on her Twitter feed, as well as on various websites, including a fan page for rock star Kid Rock.

The New York Daily News obtained copies of the prison correspondence between with Basciano, who is serving two life terms at the federal Supermax prison in Colorado after being convicted of two murders.

When contacted about the photo, Ms Rossetti's response was: 'Oh dear, I was chunkier then.'

It's unclear why Ms Rossetti is helping out Basciano. Post made under her name on numerous online stories about the mob rail against the Italian organized crime families.

'All the Genovese, Bonanno and Columbo members that I was in contact daily and still even now (you can’t be Italian in New York and not be exposed to it) belong in cages,' she wrote.

She also claimed to be in relationships with other mobsters and inside knowledge about federal investigations of organized crime in New York.

Ms Rossetti is coy about her relationship with the mobster. She says she has been working on appealing his convictions and has been cleared for a 'legal visit.'

'There’s a couple of things I promised him I’d do,' she told the Daily News.

'I kind of owe him.'

However, the letters Basciano wrote from prison show he views the relationship as more than just professional. He writes about his sexual frustration after being behind bars six years.

'You telling (a U.S. marshal) that I wouldn’t know what to do with you. HaHaHa!! All that pent-up energy you have that lead (sic) you to your "anger issues"!!! LMAO…Let me put it this way (politely) - you wouldn’t need any anger management classes! So think about that girlfriend,' he says.

In the letters, he comments on the photo and how he'd like her to smile and wishes her buttocks was thrust toward the camera.

The picture was apparently a birthday present for the 52-year-old mafioso.

This isn't the first time Basciano has demanded his women wear g-strings.

In 2006 letters to Debra Kalb, his mistress with whom he fathered a love child, he asked her to wear similar attire.

'I’m so in love with you do ya know that you little f****,' he told her.